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Smokehouse Bistro has great Southern style, slow-cooked, hardwood smoked barbecue, with all the traditional side dishes and fixings! Remember that great barbecue you had in Louisiana and Texas? Well, you don't have to go 1500 miles to repeat the experience. Read More


Bar B Que + French Chef = Smokehouse Bistro

Owner-Chef Larry Vito is not a country boy. He is a classically trained French chef, with a refined palette, and a long track record in high-end restaurants.  He loves making a variety of soups and side dishes, entrees and appetizers, using fresh local produce and delicacies. So as wonderful as Bar B Que is, there is lots more to explore at Smokehouse Bistro.

Ribs being smoked

Slow-Cooked Smokehouse Barbecue

We can smoke 1000 pounds of barbecue for up to 20 hours in this bad boy with hardwood only! Our barbecue is tender, full of flavor, and doesn't fall off the bone like boiled meat. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort.

Deliciously Delicious

I fell in love with Slow Smoked Southern Barbecue quite unexpectedly on a summer road trip around the U.S. I’ll never forget the first time I tasted those smoky ribs, juicy chicken, and tender pulled pork. "Haute cuisine" ain't got nothin' on good Southern-style barbecue. Barbecue, like jazz, is a uniquely American creation... rich, subtle and varied, and when done well, a work of art.



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