Bar B Que + French Chef = Smokehouse Bistro

We make it “traditional Southern-Style. We smoke Pork Ribs, Prime Beef Ribs, Beef Brisket, Chicken,  Beef Tri-Tip, our own homemade Chicken Sausage, whole Suckling Pigs, Elk, Salmon, and Trout. We use the best meats, the best woods, and slow cook in the best smokers money can buy. We have a special blend of herbs in our rub and we make our own Bar B Que sauce. There is a pleasant indoor seating area and in warm weather, there is outdoor seating and live music.

To see our resturant’s dine-in menu, click here.

Our specialty is Bar B Que.  It’s a passion. There are no shortcuts here.  No propane or electric smokers here…just hard wood.  And somehow we manage to do Bar B Que at a reasonable price.

Owner-Chef Larry Vito is not a country boy. He is a classically trained French chef, with a refined palette, and a long track record in high-end restaurants.  He loves making a variety of soups and side dishes, entrees and appetizers, using fresh local produce and delicacies. So as wonderful as Bar B Que is, there’s lots more to explore at Smokehouse Bistro.

In addition to dining in, Smokehouse Bistro also offers a variety of take-out, catering, and bulk food choices to meet a variety of needs.